Vanessa Porter



  • 23.11.2022


Vanessa Porter – percussion, vibraphone, sounds, objects, composition. Daniel Mudrack – synthesizers. The special about this album: with great dedication Vanessa Porter sets ten paintings by her grandfather David Porter […]

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  • 24.05.2024


BETTER ME | percussion duo, electronic, video. with Emil Kuyumcuyan and Rafael Ossami Saidy BETTER ME deals with the increasing desire for self-determination, (self-)staging and confrontation that characterizes our society. […]

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  • 28.09.2022

folie à deux

Vanessa Porter – percussion folie à deux describes a mental disorder in which a generally healthy person adopts the schizophrenia of a close psychosis sufferer, eventually sharing the same delusion […]

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the messenger | georges aperghis | commissioned 2020 by Kölner Philharmonie (KölnMusik), Festspielhaus Baden-Baden


Vanessa Porter

Vanessa Porter is one of the most versatile percussionists internationally and is in demand for various projects, concert formats and programmes.
As a soloist she combines current works with improvisation, electronics and performing arts and impresses with her focused creation of diverse sound spaces.

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Vanessa Porter zählt international zu einer der vielseitigsten Perkussionistinnen und wird für verschiedenste Projekte, Konzertformate und Programme angefragt. Als Solistin verbindet sie aktuelle Werke mit Improvisation, Elektronik und darstellender Kunst und beeindruckt mit ihrer fokussierten Gestaltung verschiedenster Klangräume.


In 22/23 she will perform with her current solo program ‘folie à deux’ as a soloist of ECHO (European Concert Hall Organisation) in the most renowned, European concert halls, such as Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Barbican Centre London, Philharmonie Paris, L’Auditori Barcelona, and many more.

She collaborates with renowned composers such as Georges Aperghis (WP Kölner Philharmonie 2020), Jennifer Walshe (WP Funkhaus Köln 2021), Elnaz Seyedi (WP Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 2022), Adriana Hölszky (WP ZKM Karlsruhe 2016), Marta Gentilucci (ECLAT Festival 2021), Simon Steen-Andersen (Festival Musica Strasbourg 2022), Benjamin Scheuer (WP AdW Mainz 2021), Alva Noto (WP LAB Frankfurt 2020), Zeynep Gedizlioglu, and many more.

Vanessa Porter Percussionist