folie à deux

  • 28.09.2022

folie à deux

Vanessa Porter – percussion

folie à deux describes a mental disorder in which a generally healthy person adopts the schizophrenia of a close psychosis sufferer, eventually sharing the same delusion and, over time, uncorrectably reinforce each other in this belief. Vanessa Porter has developed a concept that depicts the emotions of those affected through music, improvisation and sound installations, in order to draw more attention to this still very unknown disease.

Song: Folie / Vanessa Porter

  • Szene 1 / Vanessa Porter
  • Appendice alle perfezione / Salvatore Sciarrino
  • Szene 2 / Vanessa Porter
  • The Anvil Chorus / David Lang
  • Szene 3 / Vanessa Porter
  • The messenger / Georges Aperghis
  • Shapes / Emil Kuyumcuyan
  • Szene 5 / Vanessa Porter
  • Side by Side / Michio Kitazume
  • À Deux / Alexander Sandi Kuhn