• 08. November 2021

Musik der Zeit | WDR


Performance CAPTURE by Jennifer Walshe.

World premiere live 30. October, 8.00pm at Funkhaus Köln.

Radio: 15. November @WDR Musik der Zeit


t u n e . i n .

  • 08. August 2021


Cycle Sound Color – Cycle Sound Color (


In CYCLE.SOUND.COLOR., sound and image are combined to create an audio-visual
work of art in public space. Ten abstract works by the painter David Porter are presented on large posters and advertising columns in Stuttgart. Through a QR code, passersby can immerse themselves in the worlds of sound, which percussionist and composer Vanessa Porter has created to accompany her grandfather’s paintings.

CYCLE.SOUND.COLOR. is an art experience in public space, which can be experienced at the same time in a self-determined way in one’s own comfort zone. The project makes art visible and audible in an open air atmosphere.


Saturday,30. October 2021
    • 8.00 pm. Funkhaus Cologne
    • Percussion Solo. Jennifer Walshe (WP)
    • with JACK Quartet
Sunday,31. October 2021
    • 5.00 pm. Watt’n Hus, Südstrand 11, 25761 Büsum
    • Porter Percussion Duo
    • Brahms-Gesellschaft Schleswig-Holstein
Monday,01. November 2021
    • 6.00 pm. Rittersaal Akademie Schloss Plön
    • Porter Percussion Duo

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Vanessa Porter - Folie À Deux.

LIVE STREAM at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg | presented by Julius Bär January 2021

CYCLE.SOUND.COLOR. by Vanessa Porter