Philharmonie Luxembourg | 01 march 2023

  • 30.12.2022

Philharmonie Luxembourg | 01 march 2023

Vanessa Porter | folie à deux

„During the concert „Folie à deux“ all the pieces merge into a continuum, a flow without breaks, always coherent.“

„Vanessa Porter is distinctly versatile and doesn’t hesitate to reinvent herself with programs that astonish even audiences familiar with so-called „contemporary“ music.“

„But all of these pieces merge into a continuum, a seamless flow that is always coherent, so that the first bars of each piece seem to echo the previous one – from the aggregation of the compositions emerges a compact, dreamlike whole that gradually sends the listener into a state of breathlessness, stunned by the strangeness of what they are about to hear.“

„Through these formulas, these more or less intelligible interjections, through the facial expressions of a particularly plastic and expressive face – delight, ecstasy or terror – Vanessa Porter now takes us far into the strangeness of her fascinating and unsettling world, and one leaves the hall with the feeling of having seen and heard a masterpiece of inventiveness, expressiveness, conceptual intelligence and instrumental mastery.“

„One must admit that this „Madness for Two“ was a dizzying journey into the vicinity of psychotic subjectivity.“


Link: Luxembourger Blatt